Friday, November 2, 2012

Process Journal entry #7

I have added some pictures to some websites. I personally think that the pictures don't create any effect towards my website, but makes it look a bit cheap than without pictures. I haven't changed anything about the information on each of the pages, nor have I researched more about the specific subjects. I need to start putting all my bibliography together in one page quickly, since I might forget where I got most of my information from. On some pages the bibliography is included because I quoted (mostly on the "Report cyber bullying" page, since I quoted the whole text, and the pages where pictures are included. I need to gather all the links of the "Cyber bullied victims and their personal stories" page and include them in my bibliography page (once I have created it) and evaluation stage (which I will also create a page for since I uploaded the "Investigate, Design and Plan" stages/pages.
All information that I have done over the course will be available online. This might be a bad idea, but I haven't included anything personal and I think it's important that people know how I've created the website without thinking that I have only done it because it was an assignment at school.

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